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Whether you are a buyer seller, or manufacturer of merchandise, one of the major considerations that arises is, “How do I ship it?” Whether it’s raw materials or components for assembly, or manufacture, or finished products to market, SEARIDERS ™ can provide the logistics services you will need. We are essentially an international 3PL company.

Ocean transport, Air transport, Land transport, or any combination of these are familiar to the experts at SEARIDERS ™. We’ve been doing this since 1984 when the first company was established but our actual experience goes back to 1963 when our founder entered the field of international transportation. The new phrase that describes what we do is, “International Logistics”. However, we still provide “old fashioned” person to person service.

Also, it is the policy of SEARIDERS ™ to avoid competition with our clients in world markets. For this reason, SEARIDERS ™ does not buy, sell or market merchandise or products. Our only product is service.

Bonding – Why We’re Bonded

On May 1,1999 the “OCEAN SHIPPING REFORM ACT OF 1998” went into effect. In this legislation, the United States Government has tried to clarify and simplify regulation governing international transportation by ocean carriers and other companies (such as SEARIDERS ™) that act as intermediaries in the movement of cargo from origin to destination.

The results have been:

  1. An increase in Bonding requirements for Freight Forwarders now called “Ocean Transportation Intermediaries” (“OTI”). This protects the general public and specifically clients/customers by requiring that ‘OTI’s” (formerly Freight Forwarders) be licensed by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission and Bonded. Bond required: $75,000 + $10,000 for each additional office.
  2. “OTI’s” that issue their own bills of lading (formerly called Non-Vessel Operating-Common Carriers) must post an additional bond of $75,000 and must maintain an automated tariff system showing rates, terms, and charges which is available to the general public.
  3. SEARIDERS ™ presently posts bonds with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission and is licensed as an “OTI”.


SEARIDERS ™ Brokerage Corporation

  • FMC Licensed/Bonded Ocean Freight Forwarders (OTI) – FMC #4567N
  • FMC Tariffed/Bonded NVOCC Service Provider
  • Licensed Customs Brokers CHB# 11381
  • Air Freight Forwarders – IATA #0110/886/0012
  • International Logistics Consultants
  • Foreign Trade Zone Consulting (Free Zones)
  • Warehousing – Foreign Trade Zone & Domestic Storage
  • Domestic (USA) Trucking

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